A key theory that underpins ancient Buddhist philosophy is the doctrine of Two Truths.  This doctrine differentiates between two levels of truth: conventional and ultimate (or, relative and absolute). Conventional truth is how we usually see the world; a place full of diverse and distinctive things and beings. Ultimate truth is empty of concrete and inherent characteristics; there are no distinctive things or beings.


The artists in this exhibition represent elements of the world around them, conventional truths if you will, perhaps in an attempt to understand the abstract and undefinable; the ultimate truth.  Arguably this is the journey of all artists, musicians, writers and performers, but how might the relationship to ‘truth’ be affected by cultural displacement? 


Japanese by birth and heritage, three of the exhibiting artists decided early in their careers to move to and ultimately settle in London.  The other three are at the beginning of their artistic journeys, having graduated recently, and are still living and working in their home country of Japan.



Keisuke Katsuki                             

Yuka Kurita    

Miho Sato

Yukako Shibata  

Kazuya Tsuji                     

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