Artists are offered time, space, materials and access to specialised knowledge. Based in two large (34m²), well-lit and fully equipped artists’ studios, Griffin Gallery Residencies share the same floor as the Innovation & Development laboratory of Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris.  

Designed to enable practitioners to investigate any aspect of Fine Art materials and innovate in their use, our residencies encourage artists to experiment with applications and develop their understanding of the composition and interaction of materials.

Engaging with artists and students in the UK and abroad, Griffin Gallery Residencies has a range of access points.


Project Based

Griffin Gallery invite short term projects that focus on exploring materials through their composition, interaction or application. Also considered are projects engaging with another area of business within the Studio Building such as the Innovation and Development laboratory; the brand teams and Griffin Gallery.

Current residency:
Sarah Lederman

The Fine Art Collective

The Fine Art Collective (TFAC) is a global social network for artists with art materials at its heart. Griffin Gallery supports TFAC with a residency opportunity enabling members to realise projects or undertake research otherwise unfeasible in their place of study or work. 

Successful applicants will be nominated by their host institution through TFAC manager in their country.

Current residency:
Liu Xiaojun