Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Kazuya Tsuji

Through my practise I try to reclaim attraction towards disposable imagery that surrounds us: fashion magazines, second-hand books or old photographs; even if we are daily bombarded with such visuals, we hardly pay attention to them for their repetitive, mundane and anonymous character. This negligence is the niche for my practice as I believe that true beauty breathes through the gaps in mundane knowledge and it can show the miraculous, the hilarious, the grotesque and the wonderful every step of the way. Moreover, the disposableness of reproducible images gives me chance for fantasizing or fabricating narrative. In most cases my works appear out of a coincidence or mistake in the routine; when a page of a magazine is lit from behind it forms a juxtaposition that catches the eye; when an image is shattered by a prism, it multiplies into a new form. Familiar materials can be employed to create a fresh metaphor of our life.

Exhibiting at Griffin Gallery in Two Truths, May-June 2015


Tokyo, Japan


2010 - Master of Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
2009 - Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London
2002 - Académie de la Grande Chaumière - Paris, France
1999 - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) - Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

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