Selective Memories

19 March – 17 April 2015

A collective exhibition by students and graduates from L’ École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Curated by Rebecca Pelly-Fry


Ulysse Bordarias

Apolonia Breuil

Cherryl Brunel

Charlotte Burtin

Elvire Caillon

Alexis Chrun

Jean Claracq

Côme Clérino

Célia Coëtte

David Duvshani

Laura  Garcia-Karras

Ségolène Haehnsen

Nathanaelle  Herbelin

Natasha Lacroix

Laureline Lê

Marina Le Gall

Bérénice Lefebvre

Betty Rose Manzetti

François Mark

Chelsea Mortenson

Théodore Parizet

Caroline Reveillaud

Alexander Sebag

Lise Stoufflet

Guillaume Valenti

Griffin Gallery, in collaboration with The Fine Art Collective, sponsored by Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Conté à Paris and Lefranc & Bourgeois, is delighted to be hosting this very special exhibition of new work by current undergraduates and postgraduates of ENSBA Paris.  We have been working with students from three ateliers over the past year to develop a collaborative exhibition that not only showcases the work of some highly talented young artists, but also explores the role of materials within contemporary art practice.  Provided with materials from the supporting brands, the students have developed new work in response to their experience of using the paint, sketching tools and printing inks.

Whilst each artist has a clear independent voice and line of thinking within their practice, this project highlights a common interest in breaking apart traditional modes of creating artwork.  There is a respect for the grand masters of art history, particularly those who pushed the boundaries of their time – the game-changers, the ground-breakers, the pioneers. The painters in this show venture further into the ever-expanding field of painting, taking their brushwork beyond the frames of canvas and paper and onto walls, objects and liminal space.  The printmakers display their work on a dynamically designed structure, allowing and encouraging cross-disciplinary, collaborative practice, creating something more akin to an installation or sculptural object.  The work crawls across the space, interjecting and conversing with its neighbours, seeking thematic links and highlighting aesthetic parity.  An exhibition shimmering with energy and potential, this is the future of contemporary art in Europe, each artist taking selective inspiration from the past to create a new visual language for today.

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