Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Yuka Kurita

I am very attracted to the sight of, for example, packed salmon slices you can find in the supermarket. Salmon slices are same per se but each slice is slightly different in its shape.  I like same things with a tiny difference forming a neat line.  Salmon slice in my art works is an object called “sha-ke”, not a slice of salmon.  “Sha-ke” is “sha-ke”, not salmon, which is the notion I always have in my mind when I work.

Moreover, when I paint them in unrealistic form and in unfamiliar way, I find a mismatch in my work, which really intrigue me and inspire me.   

Exhibting at Griffin Gallery in Two Truths, May-June 2015


1991, Yamagata Pref, Japan


2013:      Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design, school of Design, Graphic Design major

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