Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Miho Sato

"Miho Sato works from commonplace images derived from magazines, postcards and television. These images are collected but often lay dormant until such a time that they trigger a relationship to a childhood memory. It is as though each image exists between the world that it resides within and a world that is estranged from its social constitution, notably within memory. Her work is immersed in image–culture and yet it is in the disconnection with this world that her work finds its condition." Jonthan Miles, London, 2003

Exhibiting at Griffin Gallery in Two Truths, May-June 2015


1967, Japan


1994 – 1997 City & Guilds School of Art, London, BA Fine Art, Painting
1998 – 2001 Royal Academy Schools, London, MA Fine Art, Painting
2001 – 2002 Royal Academy Schools, London, Fellowship in Fine Art

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