3 July – 30 August 2014

This exhibition does not seek to be perfect.  Neither does it claim to showcase perfect artists.  Instead, this is an exploration of perfectionism of process.  Of artists so committed to their practice that it permeates their every movement and waking thought, manifest in the meticulous detail demonstrated in their work.

Curated by Becca Pelly-Fry


Collectively, these artists reflect a shift in artistic practice towards the material, the technical and the skilful.  Combine this with conceptual rigour, and the result is artwork that shimmers with emotion and power.  Long live the Perfectionists!

Dale Adcock’s monumental, symbolic structures give no hint of a brushstroke.  And yet they are clearly man-made.  Clearly the result of hours of dedicated, and yet invisible, handiwork.

Jemma Appleby creates light and shadow on paper, with an indefinable magic touch.

Katrina Blannin’s almost perfect geometric arrangements are as subtle in their variations as to be barely visible, and yet absolutely apparent in the balance of the work.

Jane Dixon’s practice encompasses a wide range of ideologies and narratives, her meticulous, methodical approach not immediately obvious but integral to the work’s success.

Lee Edwards dedicates hours to documenting the most intimate and emotional parts of his life.  A series of personal memorials.

Iavor Lubomirov is a perfectionist in his artistic pursuits.  He is also a mathematician.  A perfect combination, resulting in extraordinary feats of human engineering.

Carol Robertson creates perfect, shimmering circles of calm on canvas.  They are the result of a long-winded and systematic process, combined with a desire to convey a feeling.

Inbal Strauss creates imagined objects that seem functional but are in fact only reminiscent of functionality.  Each part of each object is meticulously fabricated, with each method of fabrication precisely matched to the ideology behind it. Nothing is left to chance.

Tanya Wood revels in the ordinary, the everyday, the overlooked.  She dedicates hours of her time to understanding every millimetre of her chosen subject, thus elevating it to the level of a cherished and valuable thing.

Private View

Images from the Private View and exhibition tour

Our private views are open to all, if you would like to attend please email

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