Drawing Into Sculpture is an exhibition which examines how, why, and to what extent, sculptors (or, more precisely, artists who work primarily in three dimensions) use drawing in their practice.

Each of the five artists has a different relationship with pen (or pencil, charcoal or ink) and paper. For some drawing is merely a practical process through which ideas are worked out, noted or recorded; their scribbles immediate, unselfconscious and free. For others it is a springboard, a playground for ideas and exploratory musings. Some consider it very much part of their practice, equally important to their three-dimensional work, either as a two dimensional interpretation of it, or as something all of itself. But for others it is a private act, confined to the studio and the sketchbook.

Precise or fluid, literal or absurd, each drawing captures something of the artist’s character, and, when exhibited alongside their finished sculptures, they provide an intriguing insight into how a work of art might come to be.

- Jess Carlisle


Adeline de Monseignat

Dexter Dymoke

Corinne Felgate

Chloe McClellan

Matt Moser-Clarke

Private View

Private view for Drawing into Sculpture on Wednesday 28th May.

Our private views are open to all, if you would like to attend please email info@griffingallery.co.uk

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