24 April – 23 May 2014

Collaboration with The Contemporary London

Curated by Michelle Lee Medjeral-Thomas

Reginald Aloysius

Vasilis Avramidis

Jess Littlewood

Suzanne Moxhay

As a group these four artists create alternative narratives of imagined landscapes and fantasy. Vasilis’ and Reginald’s work feature lush environments of vegetation opposing the barren post-apocalyptic wastelands of Susanne and Jess’ works. The four are unified by a strong sense of architectural imprint and the footprint of human absence. Together these works celebrate and interrogate images of opulence, remote and beautiful locations, the fantastical, architecture, sci-fi, failed empires and the passing of time. These works transport and transcend, creating an imagined window through which to contemplate human histories.

Private View

Private view of Archaeologies on Wednesday 23rd April.

Our private views are open to all, if you would like to attend please email

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