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In Line

18 January – 23 February 2018

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘In Line’; an exhibition bringing together the work of nine artists whose distinct practices explore a common territory in quite different ways and mediums including painting, video, installation, wall painting, drawing and kinetic sculpture. Each artist is concerned with the use of line to generate a complex structure or form, bounded by a set of rules that ultimately determine the final work.

Curated by Saturation Point, Patrick Morrissey| Hanz Hancock

Duncan Bullen
Robert Currie
Daryl Brown
Lothar Götz
Ben Gooding
Hanz Hancock
Peter Lowe
Patrick Morrissey
Wendy Smith

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1 Godley VC House

8 March – 20 April 2018

Curated by Tim A Shaw, Emma Smale and Niamh White.

Rachael Champion | Karen David | Jon Emmony | Alexandra Lethbridge | Steve Macleod | Cameron Morgan | Rose Pilkington | Charley Peters | Tim A Shaw | Esna Su

Using the floor plan from his own London apartment (1 Godley VC House), artist Tim A Shaw will construct a skeleton timber framework of his living space to scale within the gallery. Tracing out each room, the structure offers a suggestion of domesticity that provides the setting for a collection of art-works that furnish its interior. Rather than being a stable or fixed piece of ar-chitecture, the formation is much more akin to a psychic, virtual or imagined shell through which every ‘room’ is visible.

As a responsive site with the ability to instil feelings of sanctuary, warmth and familiarity, ‘home’ is also the place where our vulnerabilities and anxieties surface at their most palpable. The idea of the home is deeply embedded in human consciousness, where objects can be containers for memories, scents can be comforts or antagonists, architecture can present a means to frame the world. Homeliness can be tangibly felt.

Image courtesy of Jon Emmony

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Griffin Art Prize 2017

2 November – 15 December 2017

Exhibition of work by the shortlist of ten artists for Griffin Art Prize 2017.

Cristina Banban, Sooyoung Chung,Oli Epp, Jadé Fadojutimi, Jonathan Kelly, Anna Liber Lewis, Jinyong Park, Noor Qayyum, Maia Regis, Rania Schoretsaniti

The Griffin Art Prize 2017 is designed to provide one outstanding candidate a unique package of support in 2018 total value £10,000. The winner will be announced at the private view on Wednesday 1 November.

The Griffin Art Prize judges for 2017 are artist Ansel Krut, Griffin Gallery head curator Becca Pelly-Fry, Elephant magazine editor Robert Shore.


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Earth Wind & Fire

7 September – 20 October 2017

Curated by Juan Bolivar and Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi

Ralph Anderson, Ben Cove, John Greenwood, Sigrid Holmwood, Richard Kirwan, Kittey Malarvie, Ngarralja Tommy May, Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah, Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi, John Stark, Daniel Sturgis, Freddie Timms, Keturah Nangala Zimran

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present Earth Wind & Fire, presenting six Australian Indigenous artists alongside seven British artists.  The exhibition reflects on the similarities of conceptual theme and craftsmanship, with treatments and motifs such as home-made pigments, symbolism, abstraction, depictions of nature, and the celebration of culture; both ancient and modern.

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In Residence

27 July – 25 August 2017

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘In Residence’, a two year survey of our Residency Artists.

Ayelet Amrani Navon, Corrie Baldauf, Mike Ballard, Jean Charles Bureau, Mark Connolly, Adam Dix, Louise Giovanelli, Beatrice Haines, Sam Hodge, Yva Jung, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Joanne Newman, Claire Nicolet, Jack Otway, Thomas Platt, Piers Secunda, Odilia Suanzes, Jose Luis Valverde

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David Mach: INCOMING

11 May – 7 July 2017

Solo exhibition

David Mach has constructed a gargantuan installation from 20-tonnes of newspaper cascading through the room like a wave of paper, exploding through gallery walls and engulfing cars and objects in its wake.

Mach’s past installations have engulfed objects whole such as cars, furniture and airplanes. The large-scale piece will create an organic volume of colour and texture, characteristic of Mach’s work.

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Architecture as Metaphor

9 March – 21 April 2017

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘Architecture as Metaphor’, a group exhibition curated by Steve Johnson and Becca Pelly-Fry.

‘Architecture as Metaphor’ brings together a body of works by 33 artists from the UK, Germany and Holland, where architecture and the built environment become the primary motif and expressive image, transcending their traditional ‘subordinate’ role in visual art as a setting, backdrop or context.

Maurizio Anzeri, Jemma Appleby, Phyllida Barlow, Tony Bevan, Owen Bullett, Jemima Burrill, Tony Carter, Michael Craig-Martin, Richard Deacon & Mrdjan Bajic, Arturo Di Stefano, Lucy Gunning, Ulrich Jansen, Alzbeta Jaresova, Steve Johnson, Evy Jokhova, Dirk Lebahn, Peter Newell Price, Miyuki Okuyama, Fabian Peake,  Martin Pfahler, Ray Richardson, Stephen Robson, Susanne Rosin, Dieter Roth, Wolfgang Schlegel, Heidi Sill, Terry Smith, Gary Stevens, Rob Voerman, Prue Waller, Richard Wentworth, Rachel Whiteread.

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I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper

12 January – 24 February 2017

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper’, a group exhibition that examines the importance of appropriation and influence on the practices of ten contemporary artists.

The show is curated by the London-based art consultant Catherine Loewe, in collaboration with Griffin Gallery Director Becca Pelly-Fry.

Exhibiting Artists:
Glenn Brown
Luke Caulfield
Gordon Cheung
Stephane Graff
Henry Hudson
Nick Hornby & Sinta Tantra
Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz
Mariele Neudecker
Gavin Turk

The exhibition title comes from the 1978 Hot Gossip song of the same name, and also refers to the artist Glenn Brown who used the title for one of his paintings; a meticulous rendition of a Rembrandt.  This time collision of mass media, popular culture and venerated Old Masters encapsulates the complex, and at times subversive, relationship between contemporary art and art of the past, and this in part was the genesis of the exhibition.  While all of the featured works open up myriad lines of enquiry, from challenging notions of value and authorship, to examining modern morality, the show is in essence about the artists’ relationship with the art historical canon from the Old Masters to the present.  The theme alludes to the collective hysteria surrounding the art market and fuses the double Frieze Fairs, the Contemporary and the Masters, in this case blurring the distinguishing factors.  The works in the exhibition include both traditional materials and the use of new technologies in a wide variety of media, from plasticine to video projection.

Image: ‘Copyright the Artist. Courtesy Ben Brown Fine Arts, London’

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Griffin Art Prize 2016

24 November – 23 December 2016

Congratulations to Ana Milenkovic, winner of the Griffin Art Prize 2016!

Designed to have a meaningful impact on the career of one emerging artist, Griffin Art Prize 2016 offers one outstanding candidate a three month residency, a large well-lit studio, materials of choice, a mentoring programme and accommodation.

The prize was judged by Rebecca Lewin, Exhibitions Curator at Serpentine Galleries, London, Jenny Lindén Urnes, owner and Chairman of Lindéngruppen, Becca Pelly-Fry, Head Curator of Griffin Gallery and British artist Vicky Wright who shows with Josh Lilley Gallery, London.

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Perfectionism (part III): The Alchemy of Making

4 October – 18 November 2016

Perfectionism does not seek to be perfect. Neither does it claim to showcase perfect artists. Instead, this is an exploration of perfectionism of process. 

In the third part of the series, our focus turns towards the idea of transformation of materials. We look at a range of artists whose practice involves taking materials through a meticulous and carefully planned process in order to change their status or presence.

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Zsofia Schweger: BLOC

18 August – 30 September 2016

Solo exhibition of Zsofia Schweger presenting work created during her six-month Griffin Art Prize residency.

Zsofia paints minimal domestic interiors of the home she grew up in Sandorfalva, Hungary. While her paintings appear to be made of perfect, clean shapes in block colours, a closer look reveals the anxiety behind each brush stroke, and a sense of both comfort and alienation.

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28 April – 10 June 2016

Curated by Rebecca Byrne and Liz Elton

Pool explores the expanded field of painting via the device of a constructed landscape, a garden, with works brought together as an immersive experience.

Thirteen artists, all of whom work in and around painting, have been asked to make work that alludes to this theme. As the show has developed, new connections between the works have become apparent, and aims have altered and shifted. The construct of a garden has acted as a frame in itself, with ideas embedded in individual pieces moving in and outside its own boundaries.

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In The End We Are All Alone

17 March – 22 April 2016

Curated by Becca Pelly-Fry and Jason Colchin-Carter

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”
― Orson Welles

This group of artists, represented by IP Arts, come together for a show that explores the nature of humanity and the eternal search for meaning in our daily lives. 

Show ends on Thursday 21th April at 5pm.

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Young Gods 2016

14 January – 19 February 2016

The 2016 edition of annual exhibition Young Gods, in collaboration with CHARLIE SMITH London.

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Griffin Art Prize Shortlist Exhibition 2015

19 November – 18 December 2015

Exhibition of work by the shortlist of ten artists for Griffin Art Prize 2015.

Alastair Gordon
Lewis-John Henderson
Alice Mendelowitz
James Metsoja
Jose Carlos Naranjo
Jack Otway
Thomas Qualmann
Katrine Roberts
Zsofia Schweger
Jaeyeon Yoo

The winner will be announced at the private view and prize giving on Wednesday 18 November.

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Perfectionism (part II.)

8 October – 13 November 2015

This exhibition does not seek to be perfect.  Neither does it claim to showcase perfect artists.  Instead, this is an exploration of perfectionism of process.

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White City

28 August – 2 October 2015

Solo show by Griffin Art Prize 2014 winner Chudamani Clowes

Opening Reception Thursday 27 August

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Griffin Gallery Open

23 July – 21 August 2015

Open exhibition of artwork entered into the inaugural Griffin Gallery Open.

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Two Truths

28 May – 11 July 2015

Group exhibition of Japanese artists.

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Selective Memories

19 March – 17 April 2015

A collective exhibition by students and graduates from L’ École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Curated by Rebecca Pelly-Fry

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