Residency: Project Based

Adam Dix

20 December 2016 – 8 March 2017

The Residency:

Project Based Residencies at Griffin Gallery are shorter residencies offering artists studio space, materials and specialised knowledge.  Artists are encouraged to develop innovative projects focussed on the interaction, composition or application of Fine Art materials.

Adam Dix is undertaking a the two month Project Based Residency at Griffin Gallery. Exploring the qualities of the paint and medium used, Adam aims to develop an inherent layering process within his work to extend its economic language and create an image that has optical depth through shallow layering of paint, as well as resulting in faster drying times.

Adam Dix:

'The physicality of paint is historically loaded and can sometimes seem bombastic or slight in application. This is something that I have purposely avoided through out my painting career by means of process and economy of application, which I believe is a key part to the discussion and narrative of the work. 

The ‘process’ developed from a keen interest in printed lithographic material; initially a way of placing the end image in a historical time line within the subject of ‘mass communication’ and through the use of muted colours and hazy imagery.'

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