New Work from Japan

3 – 11 October 2013

In collaboration with the Trinity Gallery in Tokyo, this refreshing and risk-taking exhibition will present for a week only the works of three young Japanese artists – winners of the Grand Prix and Semi-Grand Prix Liquitex Art Prize 2012.


Ayano Honda, Makiko Satake + Tessan Watabe

Looking at the limit between the genuine and the imitation, Ayano Honda, winner of the Grand Prix Liquitex Art Prize, has been producing engaging, immersive and brightly coloured installations. She is currently resident in Griffin Gallery’s artist studio, preparing work for the exhibition.

Tessan Watabe, winner of the Semi-Grand Prix Liquitex Art Prize, tries to represent the unreal, creating colourful paintings of his dreams.

Makiko Satake, winner of the Semi-Grand Prix Liquitex Art Prize, explores the hidden and the visible through sculptural and delicate objects, pushing the acrylic paint to the limits of its materiality.

Liquitex Art Prize website

Private View

Private view on Wednesday 2nd October

Our private views are open to all, if you would like to attend please email

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