Mathieu Dufois

14 – 22 March 2013

Mathieu Dufois is an emerging artist who has already made his mark on the art world. He studied fine art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans and has exhibited in a number of galleries in France and New York since he graduated in 2007. His distinctive work is largely inspired by the cinema of the 1950s and is a mix of black and white drawings, photography and installations. He works largely with Conté à Paris products, primarily the Pierre Noire and graphite lead pencils. During the course of his two week exhibition he will be giving several talks about his particular techniques.

 'My work is formed through strong, passionate ties to the cinematic arts; specifically it is born from films of the ‘film noir’ period. In looking at certain cinematic sequences through the aspect of drawing, I undertake an exercise in re-appropriation, re-formation and re-cycling the images. My production takes different forms, such as large series of drawings, models and experimental films or animations.

The act of drawing is equal to an almost archaeological action which brings to the surface, like a magnetic force, the memories or emotional substance of a period forged by a number of cinematic works, buried now by lack of interest or indifference but which formed the collective conscience of several generations.' - Mathieu Dufois

For his first exhibition in the UK, Dufois has decided to present work at the Griffin Gallery which explores different forms of drawing , whether it be a large series, models or animated films.

The majority of the series of drawings presented in this space were used to make an animated film called Memento mori. What we see therefore at the Griffin Gallery are the preliminary materials, mounted and separated from the film, but which are primarily witness to the process of creation and production (the sequential image, the decomposition of movement).

For Dufois, this exhibiton is an opportunity to show his latest film, entitled La conservation de l’éclat, for the first time. This project was developed from a large quantity of paper models which were then drawn on, cut-up and folded to form chaotic urban landscapes.

Dufois’ personal ‘cinema’ is made with a few, economical resources, just paper and black pencils – the materials which are closest to his heart.

Private View

Private view on Wednesday 13th March 2013.

Our private views are open to all, if you would like to attend email

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