Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Tony Lloyd

All paintings of Tony Lloyd are works of fiction. Paintings based on science are works of science fiction. His method takes an aspect of radical chemistry, the chain reaction, and transpose it into landscape painting.


A sequence of paintings of landscapes reflected in water. Each painting takes the reflection of the landscape in the previous painting. The paintings in sequence reveal a chain reaction of dislocated reflections.

Radical Speculation

The placement of a mirror produces twin views, e.g. a scene with a mountain and lake shows two mountains symmetrically opposed. This pairing of images is what we expect to see, reality bonded to its reflection. But what if a mirror became radical and ceased to reflect its counterpart reality. What if this radical mirror instead revealed another mirror’s reflection. Would a chain reaction of displaced reflections result?


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Insight Radical in August 2013.



MA Fine Art – RMIT University, 2001

BA Honours Degree in Fine Art –RMIT University, 1998

BA Fine Art Painting – RMIT University, 1997

Advance Certificate in Art & Design – RMIT TAFE

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