Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Sergejs Djomins

'I made the subconscious choice to become an artist at a conscious age.

While at the academy, I defined my style and technique.  It was clear that I wanted to paint life as I saw and interpreted it.  I was prepared for this in intellectual terms.  I absolutely do not produce imagined compositions or pretty pictures for interior design.  The idea comes first, and it can be based on just about anything – people, something about primates seen on the Discovery Channel, or even a combination of words.  Ideas come from things that delight me, from hunger, or from things that I would like to eat

As soon as I have formulated an idea on the basis of the concept “event-reaction-phenomenon,” off I go!  I already know the appearance of the artwork and the colours that I will use.  I draw a sketch just to make sure that I’ve got it right (although, of course, there have also been artworks which have involved a great many sketches and studies to find the best visualisation of my intention and my idea).  Usually I work quickly. There is no suffering if the process is subordinated to the goal, just as long as the goal is clear.  I prep the canvas quickly.  I draw my sketches while the gelatine is drying, and then I start to paint.  From there, the process is all but automatic.

A big turning point in terms of my techniques was the use of the palette knife.  That was exactly what I’d been looking for.  I could use the brush now exclusively for the foundations and the details of the painting.  Oil paints, too, are an inspirational and encouraging artistic material. The way in which they appear on the canvas is quite magical, indeed.  

An artwork is meant to present your own adventures, your character and your experience in life.'


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Saatchi Showdown: Painted Faces in December 2013.





BA in Painting –Latvian Academy of Art, 2001

BA in History – University of Latvia, 1995

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