Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Rae Hicks

"I render my paintings only to the extent that they can invite recognition as figurative depictions.Generally using a narrow colour palette and working quickly, they end up as something between a sketch and a ‘completed’ picture. As such, they are intended as hypothetical proposals for landscapes.  

My process employs a kind of reverse engineering of visited and remembered places or objects. Trying to get back to the motivation behind the manufacture of these things, I use the logic that I perceive within to create impressions which recall their originals to differing extents.

The sites on which I base my work represent for me new or recent enthusiasm towards environment sculpting on the part of organisational bodies. I am interested chiefly in the post-millennium landscape of Britain and Western Europe, as well as the creations surrounding national events since. Examples of this include public squares, urban redevelopments, corporate plazas and land that is still in the process of ‘regeneration’.

Through the format of a picture and use of paint, I encourage a small amount of belief and recognisability in the proposed setting. However through the materiality and actual handling of the paint, some of the vital data should be lost, leaving a gap in explanation and thereby highlighting the co-dependency between the landscape, it’s furniture, and individual perceptions."


Short listed for ‘Griffin Art Prize 2013’ in November 2013.



1988, London, UK


BA Art Practise – Goldsmiths College, London, 2012

HFRBK – Hamburg (Matt Mullican, Anselm Reyle) 2011


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