Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Newton Whitelaw

Newton Whitelaw makes sculptural installation using combinations of organic and manmade materials. Recalling Joseph Campbell’s tripartite conception of departure, initiation and return, there is a distinctly anthropological sense to Whitelaw’s work. On immediate viewing we are invited to contemplate the mythological and ritualistic, recalling notions of Jungian archetypes. However, on closer inspection Whitelaw reveals an instinctive understanding of the physicality of materials where modern, manmade elements serve to disrupt our nostalgic presuppositions. Whitelaw asserts that there is a paradox in nostalgia, where an expected return either never happens, or when one does return it is to something different.

Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Young Gods, January 2015.


2012 – 2014 | MA Sculpture | Royal College of Art, London

2005 – 2008 | BA (Hons) Fine Art | Chelsea College of Art and Design, London


London, United Kingdom, 1984

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