Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Liane Lang

'The central concept in my practice is the animacy of figurative sculpture. I combine documentary and staged elements in photographs, sculptures and films, choosing sites and locations that attempt to animate a historical event or individual, such as historic houses, statues and monuments.  I use very life like sculpted figures made in the studio in all my works, almost never including a real person. My interventions are designed to attract attention to details, to subvert and extend familiar places and lend a suggestive, haunted atmosphere and changed narrative.  I try to communicate the ambiguous mixture of the political and poetic, the formal and emotional, which is always present in the figurative object. I am interested in the functions of sculpture to animate and represent the human body, as a concept or an individual. Statues are often imbued with special, even supernatural powers, with idolatrous, political or emotional meaning which blurs the boundary between the picture and the depicted.'

Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Perfectionism (Part III.): The Alchemy of Making in October-November 2016.



1973, Germany


Postgraduate Degree - Royal Academy Schools, 2003-2006
BA Hons, Fine Art - Goldsmiths’ College, London, 1995-1998
Foundation Course - National College of Art and Design, Dublin, 1993-1994

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