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Kristina Alisauskaite

Kristina Alisauskaite consistently cultivated individual style distinguishes her works in the context of Lithuanian painting and makes them instantly recognisable. In terms of means of expression employed, Kristina's paintings are utterly laconic. They are monochrome compositions that portray meandering lonely characters. Nevertheless, this minimalist, sparing plastic language proves to be capable of resonating in the viewer's perception. The emptiness that is so prominent in Kristina's pieces (a larger part of the canvas remains devoid of painted objects) creates a strong impression of tension - the primary state mediated by the paintings.

Alisauskaite's compositions radiate tension on the level of content as well. The very titles of her pieces point to negative states: emotional frigidity, alienation, solitude, jealousy etc. The ephemeral space of the paintings is an allusion to dreams and subconscious images.The artist carefully employs psychoanalytical insights, as if challenging the viewer to guess how many personal experiences her paintings contain. Kristina's works certainly have an autobiographic element.

The fragmentary compositions of her paintings seem to promise a possibility of an accidental glance, turning the viewer into a secret observer and provoking him or her to not only embark on an imaginary journey into the painter's subconscious, but also dig into the secret corners of his or her own.She exploits the images commonly associated with popular culture and advertising, yet presents them in a different way, stripping them of their obligatory erotic appeal and magnetism, so that they acquire an odd quality and become unsuitable for instant consumption.

This strategy serves the purpose: the images draw attention, yet their artificial coldness and the fact that they are torn out of their usual entertainment context prompt the viewer to re-approach and re-evaluate the mass of images circulating in culture and their meanings. This makes Kristina Alisauskaite"˜s painting work, which combines refined form and visual appeal with emotional and conceptual depth, one of the most noteworthy discoveries in young Lithuanian painting. 


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Saatchi Showdown: Painted Faces in December 2013.



1969 France


MA Painting – Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2009

BA Painting – Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2007

Gymnasium of Arts – Klaipeda Eduardas Balsys, 2003

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