Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Jose Carlos Naranjo

The work of José Carlos Naranjo Bernal responds to a new pictorial trend based on the construction of a new figurative language itself, the product of the younger generation. The immediate urban environment is the theme chosen to locate some anonymous characters caught in the middle of the night in rare and relaxed attitudes, usually associated with recreational activities, stripped of all solemnIity, which is unusual in the genre of painting.

If the theme employed plays a key role in shaping the new language, no less contemptible in his compositional structure, directly related to photography, as much as in the framing as in the flash lighting. Similarly, the use of a very loose technique allows to emphasize the casual nature of his paintings and to create a deliberately informal finish.

Naranjo exhibited at Griffin Gallery in the Griffin Art Prize 2015 shortlist exhibition, in November - December 2015.

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