Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Jessica Rimondi

Curiosity for visual engagement is the driving force of Jessica Rimondi’s work. Rimondi’s creative process develops through form, gesture, material and concept – into works that are characterised by the consistent mediation of different means of expression: technically and stylistically.

Jessica developed a technique she has named “strata” which allowed her to create compositional narrative within the representational element, the performative factor of gesture progressively became the media and the poetic meaning through which her aesthetic develops. She generally tends to work on flat surfaces, as in this way the contrast between the free gesture and the controlled flat colour gives her the opportunity to see the ‘recorded’ movement inside the painted surface/image. 

Communication, between the subject, the observer and herself, is a constant in Rimondi’s art. Jessica wants the subjects of her paintings to be real, to reflect her personal research, to be the physical embodiment of her journey.


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Saatchi Art’s Showdown: In Glorious Colour in April 2014.



1987, Turin, Italy


BA Fine Art - Albertina Academy, Turin

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