Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Jane Eyton

'I always said to my Mother that I would never be a teacher! Since both of my parents were teachers you can understand the sentiment but I was young, naïve and did not realise how rewarding teaching can be. Over the years I have been very lucky to have met many wonderful students and to have seen real progression in their creative practice. Interacting with students has enriched my life and also encouraged me to be more ambitious and thoughtful in my own sculpture practice. I like to work with scale, colour, environment and anticipated movement and much of my work is based on natural forms in the landscape.

The summer of my toxic tears” is a piece based on my recent experiences. A series of teardrop shapes constructed from tissue paper and glue cascade from ceiling to floor creating colourful droplets that animate moments of sorrow. As they strike the gallery floor they flow and separate with flashes of saturated colour to reflect the varied emotions that certain events can trigger. The sculpture is placed in such a way that the viewer may interact with the fragile forms that gently weave around them.'


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Ch-Ch-Ch Changing in April 2013.

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