Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Jaeyeon Yoo

The central concern of my research is to determine how the personal imaginary world has been constructed in the real world in order to escape from inauthentic reality - how is it enacted or embodied?
As a psychological resistance for Korean social structures, I experienced becoming a woman who fantasizes about a life more vividly than her own and in ways that are more exciting than reality itself, it is a tendency to reject the human social order. This in turn implies a lack of self-justification as an objective being and in turn implicates an idea that personal imaginary resistance can dominate the actual psychic structure which is mainly constructed by the mainstream of the technological matrix.

I believe that alternative realities occur when people attempt to interweave their childhood sense of play with their own adult mediations expected of them in this 'real' world.

Yoo exhibited at Griffin Gallery in the Griffin Art Prize 2015 shortlist exhibition, in November - December 2015.

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