Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

J Price

"My current artistic practice stems from lived experience of psychosis, investigations into multi-masked propaganda, and philosophical and scientific theories surrounding empathy.

From my process, through my materials, to my final product, I use every aspect available to explore the experience of an altered mind. I present autobiographical installations of madness that viewers can experience in their own body, print large bed sheets of book pages and notes (letters hand carved and printed one at a time) from accounts kept during a decade of psychotic episodes, catch crowds of people together to make huge Rorschach inkblots from discarded commercial items onto fabric, perform endurance feats where I become ‘voyeuristic object’, to projects collaborating with fellow psychotic voyagers, scientists, inventors, composers and anthropologists to reveal and challenge research patterns, identify tensions and unveil transferable experiences to activate through artistic methods and technological innovations. Imposing empathy intrigues me, as does the imposition of it."

Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Young Gods in January 2016.





MA Printmaking - Royal College of Art, London, 2013-2015

BA (Hons) Printmaking (First Class) - University of the Creative Arts, London, 2006-2009

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