Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Guy Matchoro

Guy Matchoro, is an autodidact artist, whose practice has included both realism and abstraction. His creative process has been nourished and fuelled by encounters and artistic collaborations, in particular in Tokyo. He focuses his work upon the materiality of painting.

For him, new modes of production and ways of diffusing and manipulating images have entirely transformed our overall worldview, making our rapport and understanding of the real increasingly sophisticated and elusive. By following the example of the latest technological changes Matchoro focused his pictorial practise on the light generated by certain technological pradigms whilst also focussing on the physicality and materiality of painting. He has always been fascinated by the materiality aspects of paint.

Matchoro taught himself through reading but he also travelled extensively and the people he met educated and helped him to develop his practise. 

He has always considered abstraction to be close to reality. For Matchoro the process of painting is an act of contemplation and meditation. He is nourished by the whole history of art, the pictures are nourished the historical continuity of painting wherein the personal history of the artist also intervenes.


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Saatchi Art’s Showdown: In Glorious Colour in April 2014.



Nevers, France

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