Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Guillemette Monchy

Guillemette Monchy, based in Paris, makes mixed media drawings containing fragments of the real world, representing spaces that oscillate between fiction and reality. Monchy’s imagery is taken partly from photographs and the internet, but also her own memories, dreams and visions. Her work speaks to the complexity of human experience.

"In my work, I confront a multitude of areas, objects, figures, shapes and techniques, thus creating an enigmatic picture, echoing the disparate place we live in. I draw fragments of our world, often intertwined between Reality and Fiction. Remains of places and unknown times, my work deals with the flesh of our collective past and present and their ambiguities. Through my drawings, I aspire to a visual objectivity, adding contradicting elements and figures, allowing the viewer to experience a sense of strangeness, inviting him to enter in a purely fictional space."

"We are all, all alone. This state of separateness, this feeling of being always more or less « a stranger » is something each of us experiences, hence a link between us all; we share our solitudes. This fundamental paradox is, like all paradoxes, most stimulating for an artist. There is a link between solitude and space in my work. The places where we have experienced solitude leave a deeper impression on us, probably because once alone we get more receptive to our surroundings - and then thought inhabits space in the same way as space influences thought."


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in In The End We Are All Alone in March 2016.



1983, France


Agregation in Arts ( national competitive recruitment examination for teaching ) 2008

Master II Arts studies - Paris-Sorbonne University, France, 2007

Master I Arts studies - Valenciennes University, France, 2007

Licence Arts studies - Valenciennes University, France, 2005

Accademia di belli arti di Palermo, Italy, 2004

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