Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Freya Douglas-Morris

Freya Douglas-Morris’ paintings are a reaction and response to places that she has either travelled to or has partly imagined.

She undertakes trips to various landscapes, from countries as diverse as South America to Scandinavia, to document the landscapes through photography and drawing. On returning to her London studio she creates paintings that are built up through multiple layers of thin oil glaze. None of her paintings are topographical; instead they are an overlaying of various images and landscape; creating fictitious scenes that are more concerned with memory and a sense of other worldliness, than the depiction of a known place. 


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Water + Colour in February 2014.



1980, London


MA in Painting – Royal College of Art, 2013

BA Fine Art, Brighton University, 2002

Foundation Course – Wimbledon School of Art, 1999

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