Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Eleanor Bedlow

"As we play back the memories we have they become increasingly prominent in our minds, played back so many times they start to distort and fragment. My work grew out of this process, sketching maps and building plans of the places I used to know, trying to hold on to memories that felt too distant. The imaginary structures and landscapes I create are heavily influenced by the Japanese landscape, where I grew up.

 Fragmented land and imagined cities are used as an allegory in my work, conveying the turbulent relationship we have with our surroundings. Imaginary cities that occupy my mind are formulated into models and then into drawings. Through this process I am treading between imagination and reality as well as the medium of drawing and sculpture.

I enjoy the patterns and contrasts of the natural and urban landscape. The ultra controlled drawing of the urban environment gives way to the free expressive marks that are woven together for the natural landscape.The world I create is constantly evolving both though nature and human intervention."


Short listed for ‘Griffin Art Prize 2013’ in November 2013.



Postgraduate Diploma, The Drawing Year – The Prince of Drawing School, 2008

BA in Fine Art – Falmouth College of Arts, 2005

Exchange, Painting – Nagoya University of Arts, 2003

Foundation – Guild Hall University, 2001


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