Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Bea Haines

Collaborating closely with the Innovation & Development laboratory, Bea Haines will be attempting to develop artists' pigments from human ashes and then using these to create drawings or abstract portraits of the deceased. 

'My artwork explores mortality and the human trace through objects or detritus that like forensic evidence, suggest subtle narratives. Materials such as Lime scale, human gall stones and discarded mattresses are re-appropriated, even raised to the status of relics despite their common perception as banal or grotesque. During my residency at the Griffin Gallery, I will be expanding my research into life and death; animate and inanimate; subject and object. 

In recent years, it has become popular for mourners to have a diamond made using the ashes of a loved one. As diamond and graphite are both allotropes of Carbon, it occurred to me that graphite or pigment could also be produced using human ashes.'


‘Why rest in peace?’ The artist who honours her family by using their ashes for art - The Guardian

'Ashes to Pigment, Dust to Paint' - AFTER NYNE



MA Fine Art Printmaking - Royal College of Art

BA Illustration with Animation - Manchester School of Art

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