Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Árpád Forgó

Arpad Forgo work fits into the international contemporary art stream that embraces the heritage of abstraction and develops it further by his own methods. The clean and lean vocabulary that features his works operates with basic geometric methods such as reflection, shifting and rotation. However the minimalistic construction is added up by inventive optical effects with precise sense of proportion, for example a finely drawn strip of bright colour or a stretched double-cord system, resulting multiplication of the reduced vision. The variation of the same element is a returning motif: line, strip, ribbon, cord. Sometimes it is stretched like a string, twisting spirally, sometimes it wraps the work. The reception of Forgo’s works is determined by different views, directions; the abundance variation of the compositions gradually unfolds as the viewer passes by. They are organically linked to the surrounding space, the air, the light, the shadows.


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Saatchi Art’s Showdown: In Glorious Colour in April 2014.



Fine Arts - Eszterhazy Karoly Teachers' Training College, Eger, Hungary, 1995

Arts Faculty - Ady Endre Highschool, Debrecen, Hungary, 1990 

Medgyessy Ferenc Fine Arts School, Debrecen, Hungary, 1987 

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