Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Anna Madeleine

Anna Madeleine is an emerging artist working in stop-motion animation and mixed media. Her work transforms found materials to present a co-evolution of old and new media, illustrating how the expressive qualities of personal relationships are affected by contemporary information spaces.

'I have responded to the Insight Radical residency with two sets of work.

The first is a series of stop motion animations based on pages taken from the scientists’ lab books. By deconstructing, transforming, and re-inventing the patterns and visual forms of their data, I have created a push and pull between the scientific and the artistic, through the notion of experimentation that underpins both lines of work. The time-based medium expresses the reactive and constantly transforming nature of free radicals that sets chain reactions into motion.

The other component is a triptych of works made of empty pill packets re-filled with 3D-printed fake pills in the formation of pixilated portraits. The portraits, of myself, my dad (a climate scientist) and my grandfather (a chemist and artist) show how science and art has run through the generations of my family, and also link to the idea of ageing, caused by free radicals.

The materials portray medical technology and create questions of how medical interventions change what we’re made up of. The use of 3D printing further explores how new technology is changing modes of production in science, art and medical technology, which we can all personally relate to.'


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Insight Radical in August 2013.



Sydney, Australia


PhD in Media Arts - COFA, University New South Wale, Present

BA (Hons) Visual Arts 2007 – Australian National University School of Art (Photomedia Major), 2007

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