Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Alice Mendelowitz

I'm interested in the itinerant life of the artist. I take photographs of unassuming scenes, re-compose them in paint onto lightweight materials and structures, and insert them back into the realm of the functional and the everyday.
I'm interested in how bodies take pleasure in being wherever they are — wasting time waiting in a hotel, or wasting time at work in a call centre. What is a body to a place? Sometimes a matter of complete indifference.
My work is physical, and casually suggestive. It offers ideas about how to share its space. The viewer is invited to walk around this washing basket, to absorb its panorama, or just to take it home and fill it with their dirty clothes. My work has a nomadic nature that begs to be rolled up, taken on a trip to another place: it hardly weighs anything at all.

Mendelowitz exhibited at Griffin Gallery in the Griffin Art Prize 2015 shortlist exhibition, in November -December 2015.

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