Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Aimilia Melitou

‘Winged Victory. Winged Whaat? (Just.Do.It.) is one of the ancient mythical creatures I found starved and demented in a corner of my mind, but it was unclear whether she was lost somewhere in London.

This sculptural installation is balancing between tragicomedy, grotesque and irony. Nike is seen as she exists stereotypically in our subconscious, the long gone Goddess of Victory in a hostile Contemporary ‘Europe’ (ex-Lover of Zeus), representing the mutated Neo Greek culture, invaded by numerous wannabes and stricken by Dementia. Does she know who she is anymore? And whether there is anything left of her victories in a country that half of its people suffer from the other half and a world propagandized against it? Questions and feelings are translated upon her physicality and textures. Her long-ago broken wings are now composed of real mouth casts, open and wide. It is unclear whether they shout, whether they are sexually/provocatively/vulgarly left open, or whether they are lazily fallen open with all the saliva of their history evaporated.

What changed completely my perception of academic education when I started my Fine Art studies in London was that I wasn’t being taught how to do things technically and that in fact, no one interfered within my practice of the medium. I was taught how to open my mind and learn about Art inside & outside me.’


Exhibited at Griffin Gallery in Ch-Ch-Ch Changing in April 2013.

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