Residency: The Fine Art Collective

Wimbledon M.A . Painting

8 – 18 May 2018

The Residency:

The Fine Art Collective (TFAC) is a global social network for artists, with art materials at its heart. Griffin Gallery supports TFAC with a residency opportunity enabling members to realise projects or undertake research otherwise unfeasible in their place of study or work.

Wimbledon M.A . Painting:

Gabriel Chaim

The privilege of working with such range of materials opens my possibilities of making. A painter like myself, used to working with the old masters’ materials such as raw pigments, rabbit skin glue, gold leaf, egg tempera etc. has now the possibility to work with the huge catalogue of products Colart and its brands has to offer. In a situation as such, I am trying to make use of these modern and industrialized products as an effort to emulate the qualities of the old paintings, of those which were made in traditional methods. Of course, due to the nature of the material themselves, one is unable to work in the same dynamic as the tradition requires. However, the very singularity and versatility these materials have, is what make the process of crafting things so interesting, as well its output.

Maria Cornejo

I am a traditional egg tempera artist and always wondered what the results of using fluorescent pigments with this technique would be. In the TFAC residency I finally found this opportunity as well as working with a whole range of art materials Colart and its brands has to offer. Moving forwards, it' s  a joyful experience and I am finally able to test all the posibilities I can with egg tempera and flurescent pigments

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