Residency: The Fine Art Collective

Camberwell B.A Fine Art

4 – 29 June 2018

The Residency:

The Fine Art Collective (TFAC) is a global social network for artists, with art materials at its heart. Griffin Gallery supports TFAC with a residency opportunity enabling members to realise projects or undertake research otherwise unfeasible in their place of study or work.

Camberwell B.A Fine Art:

Imogen Allen

I am interested in exploring ways in which different types of paint can be layered to create a web-like richness and depth to a painting, also the relationship between water based and oil based paints, as well the comparison of matte vs sheen-like surfaces on top of and beside one another to create certain feelings and energies to support different imagery

Robbie Winstanley

To produce a body of work (mostly paintings) that are inspired by traditional themes and artists. Then to execute the work in a contemporary, expressive, manner with the use of acrylic, oil, and spray paint mixed with a variety of commercial/industrial mediums such as plaster on top of a variety of supports


Tristan Brokenshire

I have a mix of formal concerns that I have been exploring systematically with ideas of geometric abstraction as well as having concerns with the paints purpose of depicting imagery, exploring how approaches can deliver the idea of an image without painting from observation.

Freddie Wise

I’m interested in using found elements and memories from my life that expose geometric abstraction in figuration, recently birds eye views of pool tables and swimming pools. I create effects with paint, examining what can be done in pursuit of light and depth through expanding my knowledge of colour and texture. 

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