Residency: Project Based

Yva Jung

31 July – 31 August 2017

The Residency:

Project Based Residencies at Griffin Gallery are shorter residencies offering artists studio space, materials and specialised knowledge.  Artists are encouraged to develop innovative projects focussed on the interaction, composition or application of Fine Art materials.

During my residency at the Griffin gallery, I will create a new body of work exploring the themes of everyday encounters, pause and town landscape. By experimenting with different properties of the drawing medium, I intend to visualise intangible texture of thoughts and memories through image.

Yva Jung:

"My work begins with something that is outside myself; it starts with a particular way of observing the external world. Often my slightly skewed observations of everyday situations are based upon placing myself in an unfamiliar environment or a particular place. Then, through drawings, videos or sculptures, I create a composition that interconnects encounters, stories and places. This process is an ongoing, reflective dialogue with daily experiences and everyday objects that I subvert to add stories."

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