Residency: Project Based

Sarah Lederman

6 – 31 August 2018

The Residency:

My proposal is to develop a new but relevant strand of work. I am interested in further exploring female sexuality, within a sense of place. I want the environment that the figures exist in to be an imagined space, like under the ocean, on a tropical Ireland or in California. I want the female forms to look like they could be doing a number of things, swimming, dancing or even masturbating. Often in western paintings the female body exist for the male gaze, I am looking to subvert this within my work.

Sarah Lederman:

Sarah Lederman's work appropriates images from children’s books, pornography and medieval manuscripts. Grotesque hybrids of animals as well as bodies engulfed in sexual pleasure, often whimsical they can also be erotic and repellent. Figurative elements spread across the painting making spaces where the paint can be read more emotionally.

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