Residency: Project Based

Patrick Brennan

16 – 29 October 2017

The Residency:

Liquitex International Residency Program is a program of residencies, recently launched, with 9 artists, over 12 months, across three cities: New York, San Francisco and London.

Developed as an ongoing series, the initial residencies began in summer 2017 and will continue through August 2018. In the US, we have partnered with Residency Unlimited in New York City and Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco. Our London studio will also host 3 American artists who have been invited over to work with our materials, including the newly developed Cadmium Free range of paints which offer a the same quality as cadmiums but are safer for artists to use. 


Tschabalala Self - 1 Sept - 15 Sept 2017

Shara Hughes - 25 Sept - 13 Oct 2017

Patrick Brennan - 16 Oct - 29 Oct 2017


Residency Unlimited: Daniel Mantilla, Kristy Hughes

Minnesota Street Project: Micah Wood, Erik Parra, KOAK, and Woody Othello.  

Find out more on Liquitex website.

Patrick Brennan:

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