Residency: Project Based

Inés Cámara Leret

27 November – 15 December 2017

The Residency:

Project Based Residencies at Griffin Gallery are shorter residencies offering artists studio space, materials and specialised knowledge.  Artists are encouraged to develop innovative projects focussed on the interaction, composition or application of Fine Art materials.

"Around 1.8 and 12 thousand years ago our ancestors mastered the craft of building fires. This moment in history is referred to by anthropologists as the invention of man made pollution. The domestication of fire resulted in, amongst many other things, lamp black: a material made by condensing the smoke of burning flames.

 Throughout my residency I collaborated with chemists at the Innovation & Development laboratory using samples of lamp black from Winsor & Newton’s archive and placing it inside an ageing weathering machine. Compressing time as light, three hours inside this machine is equivalent to one year of light. During the next year the work will be exposed to the equivalent amount of artificial light measured during one night across our planet."

Inés Cámara Leret:

"I examine ideas central to the fields of identity, memory and ecology exploring life through materials that are static, at times inert, or seemingly ephemeral."

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