Residency: Project Based

Charley Peters

7 February – 2 March 2018

The Residency:

Project Based Residencies at Griffin Gallery are shorter residencies offering artists studio space, materials and specialised knowledge.  Artists are encouraged to develop innovative projects focussed on the interaction, composition or application of Fine Art materials.

"During the residency I’ll be collaborating with a number of invited artists to consider the physical presence of paint and the posterity of painting in post digital visual culture. We will be working with a limited palette of red, green and blue (the colours of the screen) to make ‘paintings’ together that can be presented, recorded and then reconfigured with work made by the other artists as the residency progresses. The documentation of the work will be disseminated on Instagram and the residency studio will be a simultaneous work and presentation space. The project will explore ideas of authorship around painting, and the potential of painting to exist spatially and to change over time."

Artists: Frederic Anderson, Fiona Grady, Tash Kahn, Charlie Lang, Remi Rough, Sean Roy Parker, James Petrucci

Charley Peters:

Charley Peters' work engages with the spatial potential of the painted surface. Starting from an interest in hard-edged abstract painting the work considers the manifestation of painterly language in the context of contemporary media, where viewers experience vast amounts of visual information in quick succession, often dematerialised and seen on screens. Using techniques of layering and juxtaposition as a means of exploring the materiality of paint, Peters explores the disrupted syntax of pictorial composition synonymous with our experiences of reading space, material and abstract form in the post-digital image world.

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