Residency: Project Based

Benjamin Edwards

1 – 26 October 2018

The Residency:

The aim of my proposal is to raise questions about the ideas of ‘objectiveness’ and ‘subjectiveness’ contained in the pictorial/representational image and to create a dialogue between the visual notions of figuration and abstraction. I am interested in trying out various visual modifications in order to activate and open up new meanings and interpretations of a same image. For this investigation I will use the wet-on-wet painterly procedure, method that entails the notions of timing, speed and precision, which are all features that can somehow be connected to the idea of ‘objectiveness’. The works developed in this residency will seek to explore the way in which our perception of a singular image/representation can be altered by using different visual and pictorial strategies.

Benjamin Edwards:

My​ artistic practice explores the scopes of one’s gaze through a painterly language and seeks to deepen in psychological, historical and social connotations behind ordinary motifs, objects and images, regardless of how much banality they hold. I believe that banal elements can contain a manifold of powerful connotations, depending on the way they are configured and shown. My visual sources are photographs of everyday objects, scale models, still life compositions and general landscape imagery, with which I create conceptual relations and pictorial quotations that are crafted to convert, or elevate, these elements to the status of aesthetic signs.

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