Residency: Project Based

Allison Gildersleeve

4 – 29 June 2018

The Residency:

Liquitex International Residency Program is a program of residencies, recently launched, with 9 artists, over 12 months, across three cities: New York, San Francisco and London.

Developed as an ongoing series, the initial residencies began in summer 2017 and will continue through August 2018. In the US, we have partnered with Residency Unlimited in New York City and Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco. Our London residency hosts international artists who have been invited to work in a studio here, fully stocked with Liquitex intermixable materials, alongside our Innovation and Development Laboratory.

Allison Gildersleeve:

Allison Gildersleeve

While in London, I've been translating my small works on paper into large paper works and also deconstructing them and reconstructing them as wall collages. I am using the Liquitex residency to expand the lexicon of my small drawings and transform their scale so what once was a sketch on a page is now a space the viewer can walk inside. Each of the different mediums Liquitex has to offer: paint markers, spray paint, gouache, ink, soft & heavy body paint- have their own identity and I am playing with those differences as I layer disparate images to create spaces that are both illogical and logical.

Behind Allison Gildersleeve’s canvases, collages and drawings lies a singular proposition: places are not inert; they are repositories for all that passes through them. Her work shows that experiences and sensations are manifestly lodged within our surroundings—not as formal histories but as personal, ever-changing narratives. Gildersleeve deliberately returns again and again to familiar settings – wooded areas, home interiors, open highways, back country roads – to show that repeated visits to the same place invariably result in wildly divergent depictions.

Gildersleeve received a Masters in Fine Art at Bard College in 2004, and a Bachelor of Arts from College of William and Mary in 1992. Gildersleeve has exhibited widely across the United States and abroad. Notable solo exhibitions include Olle Nymans Ateljeer (Stockholm, SE), Asya Geisberg Gallery (New York, NY), Robischon Gallery (Denver, CO), Cynthia Reeves (Walpole NH), Valley House Gallery (Dallas, TX) and Galleri Andersson/Sandström (Stockholm and Umeå, SE). 

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