Residency: Griffin Art Prize

Ana Milenkovic

30 January – 28 April 2017

The Residency:

Ana Milenkovic is the winner of Griffin Art Prize 2016. Designed to have a meaningful impact on the career of one emerging artist, the Griffin Art Prize is an annual residency and exhibition award for UK based artists in painting and drawing. It provides the time, space, materials and support to develop work for a one-person exhibition. The Griffin Art Prize winner will have unique access to a large studio in London for three months. Materials of choice are provided by the world’s leading fine art brands, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris. The three month residency culminates in an Open Studio at Griffin Gallery in May 2017.

'I read, draw and observe, take photographs and keep a large collection of articles, notes and digital images which I update and revisit regularly. Work on my paintings begins with that chaotic database; I create links and connections between unrelated topics and images before grouping, printing, scanning and digitally manipulating them, often instinctively. Although it might seem that the way I paint comes down to translating a digital sketch into a physical matter, the final artwork always takes life of its own. 

Lately, I have been focusing exclusively on painting, so I intend to use the residency to experiment with surface. This will allow me to interpret digital sketches more intuitively, and introduce texture to my delicate technique.'

Ana Milenkovic:

My paintings evoke surprising, provoking and multilayered meanings; in open-ended scenes and narratives, objects lose their integrity and are turned into containers for encoded thoughts and symbols. Sometimes chaotic and at other times delicately and elegantly constructed, my paintings serve as meeting points where objects interact, sending the viewer through a variety of moods – nostalgic, comical, sublime, disturbing or grotesque. I use same symbols in more than just one composition, questioning the communication mechanisms and aesthetic conventions that influence our understanding of reality.

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