Susan Sluglett & Fabian Peake: Positions

4 October – 18 November 2016

Positions, continues the dialogue begun by Susan Sluglett in Perfume Island, first shown at New Greenham Arts, Berkshire; the site of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp which was established to protest for nuclear disarmament. Positions is accompanied by a newly commissioned poem Stone Curlew by Fabian Peake. 

In this instalment at Griffin Gallery Perimeter Space, Sluglett presents a series of paintings as posters or placards that suggest the atmosphere of a protest that is either about to start or has just finished. The paintings here employ abbreviated chess themes as a ground. Part of the secret of winning chess is to realise when conventional values can be overturned and a sacrificial move can be made which will achieve victory. The war-like game of chess as a ground motif, is juxtaposed with peaceful, neutralising imagery of nature; such as plants or birds of various species.

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