In Line

18 January – 23 February 2018

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘In Line’; an exhibition bringing together the work of nine artists whose distinct practices explore a common territory in quite different ways and mediums including painting, video, installation, wall painting, drawing and kinetic sculpture. Each artist is concerned with the use of line to generate a complex structure or form, bounded by a set of rules that ultimately determine the final work.

Curated by Saturation Point, Patrick Morrissey| Hanz Hancock

Duncan Bullen
Robert Currie
Daryl Brown
Lothar Götz
Ben Gooding
Hanz Hancock
Peter Lowe
Patrick Morrissey
Wendy Smith


Saturation Point is a London-based online editorial and curatorial project that promotes reductive, geometric and systems art in the UK. It was founded by artists Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock in 2014. Morrissey and Hancock’s curated exhibition of the same name in 2011 subtitled An International Survey of Reductive Art presented the work of 16 internationally selected artists. Morrissey and Hancock extended this investigation into the general legacy of non-objective abstraction and its current manifestation in the UK .

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