David Mach: INCOMING

11 May – 7 July 2017

Solo exhibition

David Mach has constructed a gargantuan installation from 20-tonnes of newspaper cascading through the room like a wave of paper, exploding through gallery walls and engulfing cars and objects in its wake.

Mach’s past installations have engulfed objects whole such as cars, furniture and airplanes. The large-scale piece will create an organic volume of colour and texture, characteristic of Mach’s work.

"Everybody at this time was making permanent works. Sculpture that was a solid form, welded together. It was formed out of wood or plastics, materials that could be put together permanently in some way and certainly ending up as some kind of object. I didn't want to make objects. I wanted to make something that would certainly appear solid but that couldn't be lifted up and carried away like an object.”  

-  David Mach

David Mach’s artistic style is based on flowing assemblages of mass-produced objects. Typically, these include magazines, newspapers, match sticks and coat hangers. Mach has also produced iconic public sculpture and collages.


David Mach - BBC Front Row: June

David Mach - BBC Front Row: May

David Mach - Sky News

David Mach - London Live

David Mach - BBC London News

David Mach - BBC Radio London: Robert Elms


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