Architecture as Metaphor

9 March – 21 April 2017

Griffin Gallery is delighted to present ‘Architecture as Metaphor’, a group exhibition curated by Steve Johnson and Becca Pelly-Fry.

‘Architecture as Metaphor’ brings together a body of works by 33 artists from the UK, Germany and Holland, where architecture and the built environment become the primary motif and expressive image, transcending their traditional ‘subordinate’ role in visual art as a setting, backdrop or context.

Maurizio Anzeri, Jemma Appleby, Phyllida Barlow, Tony Bevan, Owen Bullett, Jemima Burrill, Tony Carter, Michael Craig-Martin, Richard Deacon & Mrdjan Bajic, Arturo Di Stefano, Lucy Gunning, Ulrich Jansen, Alzbeta Jaresova, Steve Johnson, Evy Jokhova, Dirk Lebahn, Peter Newell Price, Miyuki Okuyama, Fabian Peake,  Martin Pfahler, Ray Richardson, Stephen Robson, Susanne Rosin, Dieter Roth, Wolfgang Schlegel, Heidi Sill, Terry Smith, Gary Stevens, Rob Voerman, Prue Waller, Richard Wentworth, Rachel Whiteread.


Architecture as Metaphor- online catalogue


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Architecture as Metaphor - by White Noise

Architecture as Metaphor - by John Bingham

More Than Metaphor - by LOBBY Magazine

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