Past event:

Open Studio | Bea Haines

Thu 8 December 2016 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Bea Haines - Project-Based Residency

Bea Haines creates artwork that focuses on the human trace and relationships between the scientific and emotional. She is collaborating with Colart’s Innovation and Development Lab to create art material made from human ashes. Working alongside Chemists, the ash was transformed into pigment before being painted onto paper as watercolour.

The artwork addresses mortality and breaks down taboos surrounding death. It not only offers a universal account of death, but also a personal one. The ashes are the remains of a deceased relative, whose native lake water was used as a wash before adding the ash watercolour to produce large lens-like discs. The Circle form is symbolic of the life cycle, completion and alludes to lenses.

On view during the open studio will be Haines’ final piece as well as artworks made using lab equipment as improvised printing presses and drawing machines. A series of animal ash prints created on an electronic muller (pigment mixing machine) explore a diverse array of marks reminiscent of fingerprints or brain scans. The lab’s Write-Out Tester trials the life span of pens. Haines has inserted her own pigment into a pen which undergoes this test, replaying life. Also on display will be small drawings, sketches and tests as well as the artist’s microscope which you will be invited to peer through. 

All welcome!

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