Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Uesung Lee

I explore and interpret the ways in which human adaptations interact with individuals in their socio-ecological environments. One of my main questions is: how does human behaviour shift in aspects such as thinking mechanisms, habits, power structures and Labour value? Through different forms and uses of tools, I view labour as a mediator between individuals and social structures. Tools play significants role within work and labour. They act as mediators or extensions of the individual; it is through tools that we give shape to the world, they penetrate, extract, cover and enable new arrangements of it. With The Productive Drawing Project, I explore the meaning of productivity through interaction, the act of labour is a crucial part. In it I propose different suggestions for making evaluations and equations around labour acts that challenge socially conditioned belief systems or thinking mechanisms.

(Last updated 23.11.2016)