Artists who have participated in exhibitions at Griffin Gallery are featured below.

Thomas Qualmann

My practice focuses on the intersection between graphic systems and visual information. I use drawing to investigate the visual logics of architecture and information science, creating carefully designed patterns that explore technologies of representation. My work investigates the representational traditions of research itself, with each image being part of a larger thought process on form, modelling and simulation.

Despite sharing some of the aesthetics and logical functions of digital, programmatic processes, each piece is entirely hand-made, drawn on paper in either ink or pencil, expressing sequences that were calculated mentally. This hands-on perspective forms the core of my interest, allowing me to observe the gradual formation of the images from bottom-up processes. It is this experience that informs and inspires my artistic development over time, as well as providing a framework (limited by human capabilities) within which to work.

Qualmann exhibited at Griffin Gallery in the Griffin Art Prize 2015 shortlist exhibition, in November - December 2015.

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